Revisiting Baguio City: The Mansion and Wright Park

Revisiting Baguio City: The Mansion and Wright Park

The Mansion

IMG_1340 (1)(The Mansion)

(Day 4, March 16, 2015)

After Mines view Park, our next stop is the Mansion and the Wright Park. The Mansion House otherwise known as “The Mansion” is the official summer residence of the President of Philippine Republic after it has been rebuilt and with improved structure in 1947. It was built in 1908 for U.S governor generals but was destroyed in 1945 during the battle for Philippine liberation.

It is located in the summer capital of the country –  Baguio City at approximately 5,000 feet (1,500m) above sea level. It is at the eastern part of the City along Leonard Wood right across the Baguio’s  Wright Park.

With its beautiful and scenic gardens, The Mansion has become a favorite site for sightseeing and picture taking for tourists and the locals as well. IMG_6413 (1)IMG_6386 (1)IMG_6393 (1) IMG_6395 (1) IMG_6399 (1) IMG_6402 (1) IMG_6408 (1) IMG_6410 (1)IMG_1346 (1)

The Wright Park

IMG_6411 (1)(View of the Wright Park Pool in front of The Mansion)

Fronting the main gate of The Mansion is the Wright Park. It is considered as one of the many scenic parks in Baguio City that has quiet a number of visitors. One of the highlights when visiting Wright Park is its man-made shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the “Pool of Pines” just right across the main gate of the Mansion. Tall pine trees surrounds and decorative street lights line at the access road beside the Wright Park “Pool of Pines” and visitors often took postcard type photographs at both ends.

IMG_6421 (1)IMG_6415 (1) IMG_6418 (1)(Picture taking in front of the Wright Park Pool while there is still light)

Another highlight when visiting Wright Park is the park circle on the other end of the park. From the park circle, it has a walkway which leads to a wide stairway that descend to an area were ponies can be rented out.

IMG_1308 (1)(View at the other end of Wright Park Pool, opposite to The Mansion Gate)

IMG_1321 (1)(One more pic of the Wright park Pool)

Along the stairway or just below it, are some native handicrafts sold by native peddlers. Also there you can rent out the native Igorot attire for photograph taking.

IMG_1303 (1)(This is the Wright Park Circle taken on my previous Baguio visit. The stairs leads to the place below where ponies can be rented out)

Just below the stairway is a wide area where ponies are housed for rent. Riding a pony is one of  the favorite activities among children when visiting the place as well as the adults. The place is crowded on weekends and especially during Panagbenga festival. There are some ponies that can be rented out of the park to go somewhere like Mines View Park, etc but with an accompanying guide of course. However, it is highly recommended that you agree first on the hourly rate to be charged to avoid any cost related issues afterwards.

IMG_1254 (1) IMG_1276 (1) IMG_1277 (1) IMG_1286 (1) IMG_1288 (1)IMG_1245 (1)

The Mansion and Wright Park were the last tourist attractions for the day since its getting dark and other places on the list were closed already. So we went to the market afterwards to buy some ingredients for our dinner. Who will be the chef for night?

Have you been to The Mansion and Wright Park? How was your experience?
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