Salagdoong Beach Siquijor : Perfect Spot for Cliff Jumping

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor : Perfect Spot for Cliff Jumping

Salagdoong beach

Siquijor has a myriad beach to offer. Most of them have those common characteristics, the pristine crystal clear turquoise waters that change its shades as you go deeper. Salagdoong beach is not an exemption to this. In fact, Salagdoong beach is one of the famous beaches in Siquijor, Philippines. Salagdoong beach has the pristine turquoise waters beside the lush greenery of the Hotel Agripino.

Salagdoong beach is another destination in Siquijor that every beach and adventure lovers shouldn’t miss. The beach is in Olang, Maria, Siquijor Philippines which is approximately 30 kilometers away from Siquijor Port. This beach is located inside a government run resort but it is still open to the public.

Man-Made Forest

When going to Salagdoong beach, you will surely pass the man-made forest. This Salagdoong Forest Reserve has Molave trees populated in an 80-hectare land as part of the National Greening Program of Department of Environment and Natural Resource (DENR).

The long stretched Molave trees are beautifully lined in the road side going to the Salagdoong Resort. It gives shade breeze and aesthetic beauty to beachgoers wherein it is almost irresistible to take a quick stop and have those Instagram-mable pictures taken on this scenic passage.

The Molave tree branches cover the road forming like an archway. Passing through this setting will let you feel like a royal and the road seems to lead you to your palace. The green lush canopies or a tree tunnel offers comforting shades and a relaxing ambiance to all beach goers. But these white Molave trunks with few leaves lying around make the place a little bit eerie and mysterious. At the end of this engineered mini woodland is the Salagdoong Beach Resort that awaits every visitor.

The Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong beach has a wide area but the beach front is divided by the rock formation outcropping just right in front of the shoreline dividing the place into two. On the other side (right), the sand is bit fine but not so white. While on the left side, it’s a little gravelly.  I mean the sand on the other side isn’t that fine, it is coarse and pebbly.

Salagdoong beach

Not-so-fine and not-so-white sand don’t really attract me but hey the beach as a whole is picture worthy maybe it’s the waters that made it amiable. This is my second-time visit in Salagdoong Beach and like before, I had just a quick yet enjoyable dip on its cold yet refreshing crystal clear turquoise waters.

Cliff Diving

This rock outcropping in the shoreline is one of the highlights in this beach. This is where the famous cliff jumping platforms are set up. Also, you can climb to this outcrop to enjoy the view better of the whole beach. The view on top is mesmerizing. Adrenaline junkies and daredevils can cliff dive or jump and do some stunts on the air before hitting on the crystal clear turquoise waters.

There are two diving boards/ledges in Salagdoong beach. One is at 20 feet maximum and the other one is 35 feet maximum, depending on the tide.  The waters, when viewed on the ledges, are translucent that you will perceive that the water is too shallow. That perception will make you think twice about jumping or diving in.

What I love about this beach is that this is not really crowded especially on weekdays. But on weekends especially now that it’s getting a lot of fuzz, it could be a bit crowded after lunch or at lunch time as this is usually the stop for tourists having the island tour.

Another thing that I love about this beach is its stunning translucent turquoise waters. With that said, it simply means that the beach is so clean and inviting.

Salagdoong beach

Despite the beach is inside a resort, the entrance fee is minimal. With 25 pesos, you can enjoy the beautiful paradise not to mention cliff diving which is a haven for adrenaline junkies.

After spending few hours of enjoyment at the beach, swimming, taking pictures, etc, we headed to our next destination – the Lazi Church and Convent.


The resort offers cottages for rent. The open cottage costs P100, Nipa Hut is P300. But you can always stay away from these fees from cottages and huts. Just occupy certain space on the stairs or just leave your things in the shoreline.

There is available accommodation too to those who would like to stay overnight. The Resort offers room near the beach with rates starting at P900. Hotel Agripino operates in the area.

Since Salagdoong beach is usually the midpoint to those having Island tours, they serve food in their cafeteria too. You can order your food but don’t expect for a fully-developed cuisine. Their food is just plain and simple but affordable. You can have your meals from P150 – P300++. They also serve refreshments and local beers.

If you don’t want to order your meals in their cafeteria, you can bring your own food as most beachgoers do.

The resort offers snorkeling and kayaking activities. After all, Salagdoong Beach is known for these activities aside from cliff diving.

Have you been to Salagdoong beach? How was your experience? Did you try the cliff diving? Or just do the usual chillax thing on the beach? Let’s talk about your experience then.

How to get there:

The Salagdoong beach is in Barangay Olang, Maria Siquijor. There is a sign along the national highway leading to Salagdoong Beach. You will pass through the Salagdoong man-made forest that extends for about 2 kilometers. At the end of the engineered woodland is the Salagdoong Beach.

Transpo Tips:

Going around Siquijor can be quite expensive per trip. I highly recommend that you will get an island tour package when visiting Siquijor as the spots are far from each other. The standard rate for the chartered tricycle, for example, is P1,000/day but it can go up to P1,500 depending on your itinerary and your haggling skills. The tricycle driver will bring you to destinations of your choice. Most common destinations are Cambugahay Falls, Kagusuan Beach, Century Old Balete Tree, Salagdoong Beach, Lazi Church and Convent, Larena Watch Tower, View Deck, Capilay Spring Park, Guiwanon Spring Park, etc.

Entrance Fee:

Adults: P15.00
Kids: P10.00
Environmental Fee: P10.00
For Vehicles: P35.00


12 thoughts on “Salagdoong Beach Siquijor : Perfect Spot for Cliff Jumping

  1. My sister and I were supposed to go to Siquijor earlier this year but for some series of unfortunate events, our plans did not push through. We were stuck at Dumaguete Port for 8 hours. Hopefully, I can finally visit this resort in 2017. 🙂

  2. Wow, my haggling skills are terrible (if I have any). Usually, I’m just part of the moral support team. LOL. But I think the rates are acceptable and I always say it’s okay if it means I can help the locals in that way.

    Looks really gorgeous! Hope dili low tide if ever mag beach. But who cares, I don’t usually swim anyway. Haha, chill lang. Unta di na ma drawing next time. Great photos as usual Aj. O.O

  3. I jumped once in the cliff board because it was too hot that time. But I did enjoyed the adrenaline and the blue water! Pero mureak ko sa scarf bisag dagat nag-scarf japun? ikaw na HAHAHAHA

  4. I was able to go to this beach when we were there in Siquijor last year! Sadly, I didn’t do cliff diving because it rained and we might experience accidents happening if we pushed through.

  5. I remember when I went here way back 2014, I was about to jump from that cliff, but my fear of heights really stop me. I wish I had the courage that time, maybe when I get the chance to visit Siquijor again I will do it.

  6. I would really love to jump off that cliff if I’m able to visit! Don’t really have that much of a fear of heights and I’m really just down to do anything fun and YOLO-worthy. Haha

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