Mount Kapayas: A journey to the elusive mountain and an exhilarating Lumanoy Cave Experience (Part 2/4)

Mount Kapayas: A journey to the elusive mountain and an exhilarating Lumanoy Cave Experience (Part 2/4)

IMG_0029(Photo of me with Phi-Pi at mt. Kapayas Summit. Gisungayan pa jud ko.. tsk tsk tsk.                Photo Credits to Norman)

Day1  – 09/19/2015 : Travel to Jump Off, Trek to Base camp and Lumanoy Cave Exploration (Part 2/2)

I decided not to go caving since I was so sleepy and tired and some of my group members too. Even though its too hot inside the tent due to the scorching sun just past mid-day, I didn’t mind it and had a quick nap. When someone from our group called me to prepare for caving, I said I’ll pass. But after some peep-talks and all,  I suddenly changed my mind. and I  thought that it’s my best chance to experience Lumanoy Cave coz I’m not certain if there will be other chances soon enough. So, we all went caving except for one of our guests.

The group was divided into two, one group went caving and the other went to the peak. NCR Trekkers went caving at Lumanoy Cave and Accenture Outdoor Enthusiasts went to the summit.

Lumanoy Cave:

Lumanoy Cave is amazing. It was not what I expected, it was really worth it. Thank God that I changed my mind though. Thee cave is just few minutes away from our Base camp (around 15 minutes or so). Like exploring any other caves, we need to adhere to some Do’s and Dont’s inside the cave. Everyone was excited for the adventure ahead of us but I can’t deny the fact that I’m still sleepy though and sometimes becoming grumpy. I even made an alibi that I am a claustrophobic but I need to coz adventure is fun!

Before going in to the cave, we had our third prayer of the day led by non other than the Prayer Lady herself, Welnee from “Clever Young Guide” These group is very prayerful I think.

1 (1)(Short prayer before caving)

2(Going up to the cave mouth, through a narrow and very rocky trail. Rocks are very pointed.)

Going in the cave was a bit technical, coz you will need to descend in a narrow opening (cave mouth) and a slippery path going down. Good thing, we brought our ropes with us and used it as safety line going in. Some of us really struggled their way into the cave, but we are very fortunate that were all safe and sound after the cave exploration.

3(Going inside the cave with the ropes help)

4.1 (1)(Cave mouth)

4.2(Going further down the cave. It’ s really dark on the side and can be fatal if you will fall)

Due to some difficulties encountered by few of our members in the cave, we were divided into three groups. We were the last group to explore the cave, only the six of us, Phi Pi, Eddu, Norman, Me and the two guides (Veber and the other one, I forgot the name). Everyone was extra careful during our descent because one wrong step and one will have a deadly fall into an at least 15 ft rock edge with pool of water deep down that everyone doesn’t know what is in there and how deep the water is.

In order to reach to the bottom of the cave, right below the entrance (cave mouth) we need to cross to the other side by stretching our legs as possible to reach to the other side of the cave. Its very dangerous coz the rocks were slippery and one wrong move you will really fall to the rocks below then to the pool of water. This was the hardest part iin our exploration I guess. Good thing, the guides helped us cross to the other side safely with the help of Eddu. Except for Pebz who opt to stay coz she thought she can’t make it to the other side safely. Well if she really think she can’t, it’s a bit sad to leave her behind but its good also coz safety is our first priority. Better safe than sorry as they say.

4(Inside the cave, where we need to cross rock edges just to reach there)

We were behind the other groups for several minutes, the first group started to exit while we are about to start exploring. It’s nice that way, we don’t have a lot of competition for pictures, I have my camera, Norman and Veber… ahahaha.

5 (1)(Let’s have a pose before going in)

6 (1)(Rock curtains)

7 (1)(Veber and the other guide with Phi-Pi)

8 (1)(The rock looks amazing right? never mind me in there.. LOL)

9(The struggle is real. You need to crawl and slide yourself into this narrow opening. Veber is covering the action)

10 (1)(Sorry Group 1, you’re not here. The second group waited for us to have this group picture. They don’t have wide-angle camera with them at that time.. So, they waited for the cameras , este camera guys from last group 🙂 )

11(Exploring  further)

12 (1)(At my back, the second group started to find their way out of the cave)

13 (1)(All that’s left are the 6 of us. Explore pa more)

14 (1)(The scenery inside is worth picture-taking for, hehehe.. We don’t mind if our DSLRs will get muddy though!)

15 (1)(The path is very muddy and slippery. “lapok pa more!)

16 (1)(Exploring further and further, the air is getting thin)

17 (1)(The water below the path looks creepy.)

18 (1)(Eddu trying to climb on an unexplored area of the cave)

19(These two can’t get enough, they want to explore further to the area that seems nobody had explored yet. But the guide told us, not to go in there as we’re not sure whats waiting on the other side of that little opening)

20(Finding our way out of the cave. On the third picture is the hardest part.)

21(Exiting the cave.)

We were back at the campsite past 4:00PM. We then prepared for dinner. Dinner followed and some games after dinner. Thanks to Kresia of  “The Wander Full Life” for the cards, we had fun. Unfortunately, no socials for everyone since we had to sleep early to beat the 11:00AM target time the next day and we also need to reach the peak early in the morning while the Accenture  Outdoor Enthusiasts and individual trekkers will be going to explore the cave.

(Base camp)

2 (1)(Group 1 [Kring’s group] cooking their dinner)

3 (1)(Me and Welnee started cooking our dinner too. “Suling” pa more!)

4 Cooking(Group 2 [Our group] cooking and preparing for dinner. Full house na! 🙂 )

5 (1)(Story telling while cooking… “Kids, listen.. Once upon a time…..” 🙂 )

6 (1)(Photoshoot while cooking with Pabebe kids, este… Pabebe Girls)

7(The group that cooks together, laughs together! ohrayts!  Hahaha)

8 (1)(When you’re bored while waiting for the food to be cooked! Let’s jump and have fun!)

(“What you call this…” 🙂  – the popular phrase we used in a very loud voice when we’re playing spot it! just to intimidate the opponent. hahaha.. Group 1 playing 7 Ate 9 and spot it! Photo Credits to Kring2x for this one)

Krings group had socials before us and had several rounds of spot it, resistance, etc. We borrowed some cards from Kring and only had 2 rounds of each game (spot it and 7 ate 9) in our group since the skies started to bless us with its divine waters. No, its just started to drizzle few minutes past 10PM and we called it a night. However, Krings group had to cook something ahead for breakfast and stayed awake a bit longer. Bet we ‘re ready and excited for summit assault the next day plus our mission, the coastal cleanup. Find out what happen on day 2 on my next post! Stay tuned!

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