Revisiting Baguio City: A Journey to Home Sweet Home

Revisiting Baguio City: A Journey to Home Sweet Home

(Day 5, March 16, 2015)

After the fun filled city tour on our day 4 in Baguio, we went home full of good memories and exhilarating experiences. Tiredness was not in our vocabulary on that day and we want to have more of Baguio but nightfall has came and we should call it over.

We cooked our dinner that night and I am not the chef, I am just an assistant to our chef Josh 🙂 Thanks Josh.

After dinner, we packed our freshly picked strawberries from the farm for the next day flight back to Cebu.

Day 5 came and the time has come for us to bid goodbye to Baguio City. We then ask Kuya Jhong to fetch us to the gasoline station where Kuya Jay, our contact driver from Clark will pick us up.

We arrived at the Gasoline station around 10AM. We waited for few minutes and Kuya Jay had arrived around 10:15 AM.

Along the way back to Clark Pampanga, Kuya Jay stopped at Kennon Road Viewing Pavilion – a view deck overlooking Kennon road  – to have our picture taken.

IMG_2197 (1)IMG_2196 (2) IMG_2198 (1)

While were traveling along Kennon Road, we stopped at the place where there are some statues of super heroes, cartoon characters, etc. Too bad, we passed several meters away from the others thus we just have our pictures taken with the ones where we stopped.

IMG_2222 (1) IMG_2224 (1) IMG_2225 (1) IMG_2228 (1)

We had fun while we were in the van just like when were heading to Baguio from Clark. Thanks to Kuya Jay who took part of our jokes and crazy conversations. The one that we won’t forget is when he answered Angel asking every Artist of each song played in the car stereo and I quote:

(After few songs)

“Angel: Sino pong artist sa kantang to Kuya?
Kuya Jay: Artist agad Maam? di pwedeng title muna? ”
Angel: (natulala).. Aw, ano pong title ng kantang to Kuya?
Kuya Jay: Kasalanan ba / kasalanan bang mahalin ka ng lubusan?”

Haha, nganga si Angel. 🙂

(That’s because, Angel didn’t ask for a song title even once, she just asked directly who the artist is every time)

With all the jokes and fun talks, we  didn’t noticed the time that it was already past 12NN. We asked Kuya Jay where we could have our lunch, he suggested few options and we finally decided to have our lunch at Isdaan located in Gerona Tarlac. Past 1PM, we arrived at Isdaan in Gerona Tarlac.

Isdaan – Gerona Tarlac

IMG_1920 (1) IMG_1921 (1) IMG_1923 (1) IMG_2238 (1) IMG_2245 (1) IMG_2255 (1) IMG_2262 (1) IMG_2263 (1) IMG_6527 (1) IMG_6528 (1) IMG_6536 (1) IMG_6555 (1) IMG_20150317_140429 (1) IsdaanFood IsdaanInside IsdaanPathway WishingBell

After our sumptuous lunch and picture taking, we resumed our trip back to Clark. Kuya Jay told us that its still early since our flight was scheduled at 9:00PM, so we might as well check Dinosaur Island near the vicinity of the Clark Airbase.

Another funny thing happened as Angel asked Kuya Jay innocently and I qoute “

Angel: Ano pong meron sa Dinosaur Island Kuya? (What is inside the Dinosaur island?)
(Everyone Laughs)
Kuya Jay: Hmmm, hmmm, ano nga ba ang meron sa Dinosaur island.. (with a smiling face)..
Maam, hindi naman siguro mga buwaya (pun intended).. Dinosaur malamang.. (then smile)..
(Everyone was in boisterous laughter and the fun was even heightened)

Past 4PM, we arrived at the Dinosaur island. We inquired inside but the ticket is a bit costly and they will be closing by 5PM.

So getting inside is not a good idea at all coz we might not enjoy all the attractions inside as we have just few minutes left before closing time. It will be just a waste of money.

We had decided not to get inside (maybe next time) and have our pictures taken right outside the entrance instead.

IMG_1936 (1) IMG_1940 (1) IMG_1943 (1)

We went ahead to the Airport right after and wait for our check-in time then.

IMG_1983 (1)

We arrived at the airport past 5PM ( way too early) , and we had to wait until 7:30PM at the pre-departure area for our check-in time. Time not wasted as we were playing our favorite online mobile game and while playing we were having our tummies filled by the uneaten trail foods from Angel – a lot of trail foods hahahaha.. Thanks Angel.

After checking in our luggage, we had to wait again for another 1 hour and 30 minutes for our flight in the departure area but that’s nothing as we had lots of things going on – chit chats, jokes, etc.

Had our flight delayed for few minutes though but we don’t mind coz we had one of the funniest experiences in our life to focus on instead of the minor system flaws of the airline.

IMG_2014 (1)

And that’s a wrap. Our 5 Day Baguio Adventure had ended officially. See you on my next adventure post!

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