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    Arnold Jerodiaz (a.k.a AJ to his office mates), is a software programmer turned to Software QA Specialist and an aspiring Software Business Analyst, Filipino by birth – Cebuano by choice and the boss of this blog. He grew up in the countryside and have had experienced how life is in the countryside.

    AJ is working in the Information Technology field for quite some time now. From Data Encoding – Software System Testing – Software Development/Programming to Software Quality Assurance Specialist.

    AJ visited few countries in Asia for his line of work (Business trips) and have been to several interesting places in the country for the fulfillment of the endless need to see every corner of the world; however, these days he is solicitous to the adventurous activities and trips to mountains – trekking, camping and the likes.

    AJ is a certified home buddy turned to an outgoing one. A reluctant soul turned to an ardent traveler. A music lover at heart and a professional photographer wanna be. 🙂

    On weekdays and some weekends, find AJ on office doing a stern work but on holidays and not busy weekends he will become a wanderlust soul, seeking every opportunity to get into adventurous activities/trips and relish every second of it.

    AJ has the fondness of traveling around the world in search for an ultimate adventure and relaxation.