Revisiting Baguio City: Mines View Park

Revisiting Baguio City: Mines View Park

IMG_6382 (1)(Mines View Park Entrance Sign)

(Day 4, March 16, 2015)

Mines View Park is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio City. This is one of the lasting attractions among Baguio City’s mining locations when it was started out as an American mining town back in the early 20th Century.

IMG_6321 (1) IMG_6325 (1) IMG_6327 (1)(Making poses in front of the Welcome Sign)

Past the Mansion and Wright Park, Mines view is a ridge located at the extreme northeastern side of the city. It boasts of its spectacular panoramic view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the surrounding Cordillera mountains that unfolds before you from the park’s observation deck. This is one of the reason why you shouldn’t miss Mines View Park when visiting Baguio City.

IMG_6367 (1) IMG_1374 (1)(Gold and copper mines)

The park is usually a next stop after visiting the Mansion and Wright Park (like in my previous Baguio visit), but this time, our guide opted to visit Mines View First then just drop by the Mansion and Wright Park going back to the City.

To reach to its observation deck with an oddly shape gazebo, you need to descend through a winding stone-covered stairway. But along the way, we met this popular and friendly Saint Bernard dog that I forgot to ask the name, who is available for about P50.00/pax for picture-taking with tourists. We hurriedly had our picture taken with our new friend since its almost raining and they are about to leave the place also since its already past 5PM. The owner gave us discount for unlimited shots to the eight of us plus a group picture for only 500 pesos. It is interesting to note that in Baguio City, it is not only the owner who feeds his dog but it is possible for a dog to feed his owner in return. IMG_6364 (1)IMG_6361 (1)

We then went down to the gazebo to witness the panoramic view of the place. Note that extra care should be taken when descending to the observation deck as it will be very slippery after the rain. For few pesos, you can also rent a binocular and there are few commercial photographers in the place also just in case you want to have a picture of the place and you left your camera. (Don’t leave your camera though.)

IMG_6368 (1) IMG_6373 (1) IMG_6375 (1)

There was one funny thing that happened in the view deck with one of our companion. A young lad approach him and gave him a back massage without being ask. Right after, he ask for few pesos as donation or in return for the service given. Well, that was not the first time Josh, right? LoL.

After a short while, we heed back upstairs and have some snacks.  During your ascend to the stairway back to the Entrance/Exit, you can find this sort of wishing area with statues.

IMG_1384 (1) IMG_1387 (1)

It is worth noting also that there are several snack stores, canteens and vendors selling food and beverages in the park’s vicinity. At the entrance of the park also are stalls selling souvenir and silver products and jewelry and variety of other items that you can find in the public market but in a smaller scale.

IMG_6379 (1)IMG_6383 (1)

A visit to Mines view Park would not be complete without a stop to the Good Shepherd Convent where you can buy its special products like strawberry and Ube Jams, peanut and cashew brittle and other goodies. But unfortunately, we have no more time and bet it was already closed also, so we decided to go to our last stop of the day – the Mansion and the Wright Park.

Here are few of my pictures on my previous visit to Mines View Park.

IMG_1358 (1) IMG_1363 (1)

Have you been to Mines View Park? How was your experience?
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