Camping at Chalet Hills, Busay: An unexpected Night Trek

Camping at Chalet Hills, Busay: An unexpected Night Trek

It was Tuesday night when we were like teasing each other to have a night trek on the next day April 8, 2015 since April 9 is a holiday (Thursday).

After such a short talk, we agreed to have a night trek and camp to Chalet Hills , Busay. The plan is to start trekking at Mountain View since we have limited time as we are going to trek after our office work.

On Wednesday night after office hours, we ate our dinner and buy something for the socials and for breakfast in the mountain. Also, we brought wine and other snacks for the night. We left I.T Park at around 9:45PM and hired a taxi going to Mountain View, since it is getting late already. We arrived at Mountain View at around 10:30PM.

After getting off from the taxi, we immediately started walking our way to Chalet Hills. The road seems quiet coz its already late in the evening. We brought with us our head lamps and flashlights for proper illumination of the trail since some parts of the road has no lamp posts.The trek is not that hard for many reasons. One is there is no burning heat from the sun thus less perspiration or none at all. I personally didn’t feel tired on the duration of the trek coz I enjoyed talking and especially teasing my colleagues as we walk along the dark portions of the road.

We arrived at Chalet Hills at around 11:00PM. The small sari-sari store at the foot of the hill was already closed. The surrounding is hushed yet the cool breeze of the wind is so invigorating. We took a quick rest at the sari-sari store and then proceed to the top to check if there are other campers. Upon reaching at the apex of Chalet Hills, the place is so quiet, full of serenity under the moonlight and the view of the City Lights is spectacular!

We checked the camp site for a better location and then pitched our tents. Few minutes from settling down, we used our extra earth pad as a mat for our socials – talking about anything under the sun (i mean under the moon 🙂 with a touch of wine and some snacks. The experience is so relaxing that I dreamed it would not last that quick – lying on the ground watching the clear skies, talking with friends in a very serene environment – away from noisy city and a carefree feeling. We had our lights off at around 3AM, we didn’t feel sleepy and didn’t want to sleep yet but we need to.

We had a very good night sleep after our “socials”. Morning came and we had prepared something for our breakfast and then break camp after.While we were breaking our camp, there were some group of people who came for a day visit. They were just having a little picnic. After checking everything and clearing our camp site, we went downhill and started our trek going home.

Here are few of the pictures I took at Chalet Hills. Enjoy!

IMG_6887Socials has started 🙂



IMG_6890No other wine brand sold at C24, so we only have this 🙂

IMG_6900Preparing something for our light breakfast.

Chalet Hills, BusayChalet Hills apex.

IMG_6915That time when you forgot to bring fork or real chopsticks. In the mountains we need to improvise, use guava twigs 🙂

IMG_6916Look! I’m not the only one using guava twigs as chopsticks! Haha

IMG_6930Going down from Chalet hilltop.

Chalet Hills, Busay

Chalet Hills, BusayThat lone tree again in Chalet Hills. 🙂

Chalet Hills, BusayOn our way back to Mountain view.


             – You can commute from Mountain view area going to Chalet Hills also if you don’t want to hike, just hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) or bring your own vehicle if you plan on  having just a day visit or picnic.

             – You do not need to worry on bringing back with you your garbage/trash because the sari-sari store on the foot of the hill has provided a large garbage drum for it.

Estimated Budget:

              – Php 12.00 – Jeepney fare/pax  one way (from JY Square to Corner going to Mountain View)

              – Php 25.00 -Hired Motorcycle (Habal-habal)/pax if you opt not to ride a Jeepney (Jeepney trips seem irregular)

                      *Expenses for meals, snacks, refreshments, etc are not included as you may have different itinerary and preferences as ours.

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