Sitio La Presa: Where Forever Begins

IMG_1594 (1)(This is the view just few hundred meters above La Presa)

(Day 4, March 16, 2015)

After the fulfilling Mount Pulag climb and Mount Pulag Side Trips, everyone was excited for the whole day tour around Baguio City.

It’s Day 4 of our Baguio Adventure and everyone woke up early and prepared our breakfast together. The heater for the hot bath was not functioning well, which meant we had a chilly shower for the morning. Haha, everyone has a quick bath – it was just like doing an ice bucket challenge for us.

As usual, we had our usual breakfast and a quick one. (of course we cooked what’s available in our ref:))

IMG_1557 (1)(Preparing the dining table right after cooking)IMG_6481 (1) IMG_6478 (1)Food_Bfast(Breakfast is served)

After our quick breakfast, at around 8AM, we left the transient house for the tour starting with the farthest one – La Presa.

If your going to look-up for La Presa in the Philippine map, it will basically return nothing because the place doesn’t really exist! Yes, you heard it right, La Presa doesn’t exist.

Sitio La Presa is the name of the fictional strawberry farm in the Philippine Teleserye
Forevermore. This fictional place is the home to Agnes (Liza Soberano) and was the setting of her love story with Xander (Enrique Gil) in the said teleserye.

Sitio La Presa is actually Sitio Pungayan located at Mount Kabuyao, Tuba, Benguet and
adopted its fictional name “La Presa”. Before, it is said that this place was simply known as the highest point near Baguio and a popular biking route but now the place has become a popular tourist spot for Baguio goers who want to relive the Forevermore love story.La PresaSitio Pungayan has managed to have a whole economy around with the La Presa branding. Some of which are La Presa Strawberries, La Presa Vegetables, La Presa Jam, La Presa T-shirts and a lot of La Presa souvenirs.

Before we went inside Sitio La Presa, we went first to the highest point in Mount Kabuyao to enjoy the view. The mountain view is breathtaking and made the trip worthwhile despite the traffic and the crowd.

(That was the highest point of Mount Kabuyao)IMG_1633 (1)(As usual we needSitio La Presa to have a picture of our team’s signature pose) (Find your height? as directed by Kuya Jhong)La PresaSitio La PresaIMG_1608 (1)(Another signature pose of the team)IMG_1595 (1)IMG_1642 (1)(This is the van we hired for the tour with Kuya Jhong as our driver)

After few moments, we went back to Sitio La Presa and had a peek inside the vicinity of this fictional television setting that transforms the place into an overnight tourist sensation. IMG_0829 (1)(Upon entry of the Sitio, you will be treated with this scenery of makeshift stalls)

If you are planning to visit La Presa, here’s what to expect on the place.

– La Presa is 30-40 minutes away from Baguio City and is located near the highest point of Mount Kabuyao.
– You need to pay P25 pesos for the environmental fee per head (except for kids and the driver)
– The road to La Presa is narrow and had a chaotic parking system right outside the entrance

– The vegetable plantation around La Presa is just an amazing view.
– There are makeshift stalls selling products with La Presa branding.
– If you want to go inside the House, the shoot location for Forevermore teleserye, you need to pay 10 pesos per head.
– There are some stalls selling potted plants of different varieties.
– There are some hawkers who are selling silver jewelry and food but they are friendly and not aggressive.
– The vegetables sold in the vegetable market are mostly fresh and had lower prices.
– Unfortunately, La Presa has no strawberries at that time of our visit
– And lastly, La Presa is a bit crowded

Few more snapped moments while we’re inside Sitio La Presa.

IMG_0822 (1)(Pasalubong Stall)IMG_1776 (1)(Bunch of makeshift stalls along the road going to the shooting place)IMG_1671 (1)(La Presa can be quiet crowded at times, we we’re lucky we arrived early but as we’re about to leave the place, more and more tourist came in)IMG_1672 (1)(This is the house in the said teleserye Forevermore. There will be an entrance fee of P10 /pax when you’re going to take a look inside for picture taking, etc.)

IMG_1699 (1)(I might as well have my pic taken in front of this house like everyone did :))

IMG_1715 (1)IMG_5856 (1)IMG_1663 (1)IMG_1774 (1)HorseBack(The ladies had their share of riding this pony for Php30)IMG_1738 (1)IMG_5827 (1) IMG_1655 (1)(This area here are for vegetable plantation)Plants(These are few of the potted plants sold in some stalls along the road)IMG_5873 (1)(Soon there will be La Presa Resort according to this signage)IMG_0758 (1)(Environmental fee stub – cost Php25 that you are going to pay when visiting La Presa)

How to get there?

By taxi – but it may be costly as they are now charging P900-P1,000 per round trip from Baguio to La Presa.

By car – the entry point is in Bakakeng area along Marcos Highway.

Hired Van for Baguio tours – but you might be charge additional cost on top of the
package fee if La Presa is not included in the places listed. In our case, we we’re charged additional P500.

Have you been to La Presa? How was your experience?
Leave your comments below.

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