Bell Church Baguio City(Bell Church view at the Entrance)

(Day 4, March 16, 2015)

I’ve been in Baguio before but that was my first time setting foot in one of the City’s hidden jewel – the Bell Church. Bell Church is Taoist Church/Temple that is located at the boundary of Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet.

Bell Church is Baguio’s Version of Taoist Temple and is open to public from 7am – 5pm. On the way to this Church, you will pass through a narrow street towards the entrance. There are no fees collected but since it is a temple – a sacred place, you need to respect the culture and traditions that it represent and whatever activities you may find within the place. Taking pictures inside the temple is strictly prohibited.

The place became one of the tourist spot but it is not as crowded as Session road, Mines View, Burnham Park and the likes of the famous places to go when visiting Baguio. When inside the Church compound, you will notice that the walls were designed with Dragon statues. Furthermore, it features intricately designed arches and buildings adorned with bells, flags and dragons as well. Going up high on the higher grounds of the Church compound is a pagoda and the compound is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.

Here are few of our captured moments at Bell Church.

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I find the Bell Church as somewhat similar to Cebu’s Taoist Temple. There were striking similarities of course to the mere fact that they’re both Chinese Temples. But aside from that, both of them were located uphill and with beautiful gardens. One of the difference is the presence of pine trees for the Bell Church. I can’t compare much between the two temples as we didn’t saw the interior as we arrived in the place past 5:00 pm. I’m not being biased here but in totality I find Cebu’s Taoist Temple a bit more beautiful.

Bell Church Baguio CityBell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City

Since the temple is already closed, we just took a few more snapshots outside and went on to our next tourist spot in the list – The Mines View Park.

Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City Bell Church Baguio City

How to get there in Bell Church – Baguio City?

By Hired Van – (for larger groups) avail of the tour packages and if Bell Church is not in list of spots to visit, ask the driver if you could have a quick visit/stop. It’s just along the way going to Strawberry Farm (which for sure mostly offered on the package).

By public transport:

From Baguio City, ride a jeepney bound to La Trinidad or Buyagan (still part of La Trinidad) then tell the driver to stop by the Bell Church.

Alternatively, from Strawberry Farm, ride a jeepney bound to Baguio City. From there, tell the driver to stop by the Bell Church.

*You could opt to hire a cab if you don’t want to ride the public transport. But it’s a bit costly though.

Have you been to Bell Church? How was your experience?
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