Mount Labalasan (Osmeña Peak): Cebu’s Highest Point

Mount Labalasan (Osmeña Peak): Cebu’s Highest Point

Osmeña Peak

After our Mount Takliad trek and camping, we continued our jaunt for another fun-filled camp to Cebu’s highest mountain – the Mount Labalasan or commonly known as Osmeña Peak. It was my nth time visit to Osmeña Peak. Despite of the fact that I visited Osmeña Peak multiple times already, I would never grow tired or lost my interest to go back in this wonderful place. Because in trekking, I really do believe that no matter how many times you have been into the same mountain, you will never get to have the same experience and will never trek the same trail twice. The trail will always change and the experience will always be unique.

Osmeña Peak
Wandering Soul Scamper @ Osmeña Peak

I would be like a broken record if I will keep on describing Osmeña Peak every time I write about it after my trek. So I won’t. Instead I will just jump directly what happened during this journey. But you may want to read my previous experience during my first visit to Osmeña Peak here.

Osmeña Peak
View of the camp site from Osmeña Peak

The trip was a continuation to our Argao Multi-peak trekking plan that focuses on Mount Takliad and Mount Lantoy. Part of being a traveler is being able to adapt easily to changes on the plans due to uncontrollable influences like hostile weather conditions and the likes. Our Multi-Peak and caving adventure plans were cut short so we decided to proceed for another adventure – Trek to Osmeña Peak and traverse to Kawasan Falls to satisfy our adventure hungry and wandering souls. We were eight in the group and half of us decided to proceed and half of the group went home right after Mount Takliad Trek.

The Squad

The four of us hired a tricycle from Argao to Dalaguete since the two towns were just few kilometers apart and we hired motorcycle taxis from Poblacion Dalaguete to Mantalongon Public Market. We had our lunch at the public market and started our trek right after. We chose to trek from Mantalongon Public Market to the foot of Osmeña Peak as it was more enjoyable and had more fun on the trek while conversing with each other rather than just riding a motorbike throughout. It took us about an hour trek with minimal stops in between.

Osmeña Peak
F4 @ Osmeña Peak?

The weather was excellent. The afternoon sun was not that fierce and the skies had some clouds giving us protection while we followed the open trail going to Osmeña Peak. We can’t even feel the exhaustion of the trek as we were constantly conversing and making the most out of it with some funny and diverse topics and silly jokes.

After an hour, we arrived at the tourism office and paid 30 pesos each as entrance fee. They will also collect 50 pesos camping fee per tent for the overnight campers, but will do the collection in the morning as Osmeña Peak sometimes will be subjected to strong and growling winds that in some cases, few of the camper’s tent won’t even survive the night. If such unfortunate circumstances do happen then no fees will be collected for the camping fee.

Osmeña Peak
Tourism Office

We chose a strategic location for our camp and settled a bit after pitching our tents before enjoying the beauty of Osmeña Peak. The weather was perfect, no fog and has a very stunning sea of clouds formation on the background when the sun was about to set. The clouds added an ethereal hint to the majestic scene at the summit of Osmeña Peak! Picture perfect isn’t it? We took several photos and went back to our camp after the setting of the sun!

Osmeña Peak
Groufie @ Osmeña Peak
Osmeña Peak
Photo Credits : WanderingfeetPH

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak


Osmeña Peak sunset

Osmeña Peak sunset

Osmeña Peak

We had our dinner as early as 6pm. We had nothing to do again but to talk with each other. Everyone seemed even more comfortable that we had this silly game to make stories and translate it from English to tagalog, Bisaya and Ilonggo. Everyone had taken turns throughout the game. Few hours later we called it a night. Good night Bes!

Osmeña Peak has been known for its strong wind gusts at nighttime. We had few gruesome experiences before wherein our tents were almost damaged by the strong howling winds especially when the weather was too aggressive. We had this funny experience in one of our camp outs wherein other group of campers asked us if we saw their tent passed by! He meant if we saw their tent flown away by the strong winds.  (“Mga migo, kita mo ug tent ni agi?”). But this time, we were too fortunate that the weather was so friendly that we only experienced a little drizzle and a mild wind gusts throughout the night. Thus, everyone had a very good night sleep.


There is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of waking up at the right side of the bed right? The feeling of waking up in an open field with the cool breeze is really invigorating.

We’re awake, had our quick breakfast and broke camp to start our traverse to Kawasan Falls early. We were excited to reach Kawasan Falls for a dip as we had no shower for 3 days already. LOL. The traverse from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls was a fun-filled journey. It was full of conversation with diverse and funny topics again that spiced up the mood of everyone. At some point, we found ourselves singing random songs along the trail and doing silly stuffs and silly poses in front of the camera. LOL.




After 4 hours of trekking, we arrived at Kawasan Falls and had the ever wanted dip on its ice cold waters that made our strained muscles alive once more.

Here are few Need-To-Know information about Osmeña Peak that most travelers and tourists alike may not know at all or had a totally different info all along.

  • Osmeña Peak stands at an approximate elevation of 1,013 meters above sea level (MASL).
  • It is the highest peak in Cebu island that was formerly known as Mount Labalasan and later on was commonly known as Osmeña Peak.
  • It is located within the boundaries of Patung, Badian and Mantalongon, Dalaguete and is part of Patung, Badian mountain range. Osmeña Peak is said to be part of Patung, Badian and not from Mantalongon, Dalaguete as most mountaineers, tourists and travelers had assumed for a while now. I stand corrected as I was one of those who thought that Osmeña Peak is part of Mantalongon, Dalaguete.



Look who just jump!

How about you? Have you been to Osmeña Peak? Don’t miss out your opportunity to visit and enjoy the stunning beauty that Osmeña Peak could offer you for free! Well the view is free but you have to pay the entrance fee! 😂

How to get there?

From Cebu South Bus Terminal:

  • From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Dalaguete or any bus that would pass Dalaguete
  • Alight at the Town Proper (Poblacion). Just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the junction going to Mantalongon Market (Osmeña Peak).
  • Hire a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) going to Mantalongon Market
  • Register at Tourism Office.

From Osaka Terminal inside Caltex Gasoline Station (Near Carbon Market)

  • Ride a minibus here bound to Mantolongon Market.
  • Alight at Mantalongon Market.
  • Hire a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) going to the foot of Osmeña Peak.
  • Register at Tourism Office.

Few Tips:

  • Wear proper trekking attire for comfort even though the trail is established.
  • Parts of the trail have loose soil that can be slippery especially on rainy season.
  • There is a vast area for camping, but on peak seasons it can be overcrowded so if you’re planning to camp overnight, target to arrive early on the campsite.
  • Bring durable tents as Osmeña peak is notorious for having brutal gusting winds at night especially on hostile weather conditions.
  • Preserve the cleanliness of the place by observing the leave no trace principle. Whatever you bring in, pack it out. Do not throw garbage anywhere or leave anything behind rather pack it out and dispose it properly.


  • Mini Bus Fare from Cebu City to Mantalongon Market: Php 100 – 120
  • Motorcycle Taxi (Habal-Habal) Fare:
    • From Dalaguete Town Proper to Manatalongon Market – Php 75/pax (Php 150 /per motorcycle)
    • From Dalaguete Town Proper to foot of Osmeña Peak – Php 100/pax (Php 200 /per motorcycle)
  • Onsite Registration fee: Php 30 / pax
  • Camping fee: Php 50 / tent

Note: Food expenses are not included here, as you may have different preferences as ours.

30 thoughts on “Mount Labalasan (Osmeña Peak): Cebu’s Highest Point

  1. “Mga migo, kita mo ug tent ni agi?” HAHAHA! also saw a tent fly out of nowhere from our Zambales trip so I can relate to you guys. And I’m also one of those people who thought O. Peak was part of Dalaguete. Thanks for telling us that kuya AJ.

  2. I was actually laughing like a crazy sh** while reading this.
    1. I look like a demonic criminal on my O-Peak signature pose photo.
    2. Night Bes!
    3. “The runaway tent”

    You once spat-out the “Mt. Labalasan” name during our trek but somehow I forgot it while I was writing my entry. I kept on searching the net, but to no avail. Anyway, thanks for mentioning it again. Now I remember.

    Sorry for any vulgar choice of words, but I don’t care. LOL. peace-out!

  3. Wow! The sunset is very stunning. 🙂

    We caught the sunrise there, it was beautiful . Seeing your post makes me want to go back and try catching the sunrise, too.

  4. Super nice photos! Not sure when I can go back to Osmena Peak but when I do, I’d love to camp out and stay there overnight (pilot: weather & traffic permitting). Lol. Ka scary sad sa tent na manglupad haha.

    It was early morning when we went and it was just a short trek because we started at the foot of the mountain. We also didn’t stay that long & we just headed to Alcoy right after.

    Also, I haven’t gone back to Kawasan in years. I wonder how it looks now. Hehe

  5. I’ve been to Osmena Peak several times as well and the experience is always different. Hopefully ma preserve jud ang beauty ani nga mountain para the next generation will still see what we see today.

  6. Good night bes!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Hala haaa ngano naa akong picture sa chapel dri na pirting yagittaaaa..??? Hahaha

    Mao juy naka nindut bsta mga laagan kay bisag asa lagpot. Hahaha. It was in the plan to go to Osmeña Peak but there were no definite time on when to go. But the odds are great as they blessed us with an amazing OPeak experience and t’was my first time. Good read!

  7. We’ve been to oPeak multiple times as well but only camped once. Would definitely like to camp there again. Our experience had been awesome; it was really cold and foggy, so much different from the city.

  8. Wow, I’ve climbed Osmena Peak like around 7 times already, but I didn’t know that it is also known as Mount Labalasan. Very detailed blog post and would love to do an overnight stay there and traverse to Kawasan falls on the succeeding day. Hopefully soon I can able to do just like what you guys made out.

  9. Everyone is (still) talking about Osmena Peak but I couldn’t blame you guys, the place is breathtaking (literally, especially while going up there hahaha). When will I ever go Cebu’s highest peak?! T_T

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