Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup(NCR Trekkers and Ambassador Event Banner)

Day2 – 09/20/2015: National Clean up Day, NCR Trekkers Let’s Do It!

Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

The group left Sitio Can-Ampao at Barangay Agsuwao, Catmon at around 11:45AM. We we’re actually 45 minutes late from our Itinerary. We were on our way to Barangay Macaas with a rumbling stomach on top of another bumpy ride for more than an hour. With all the tree branch slapping and the pouring of the rain is an added challenge aside from balancing ourselves to stand still in an almost nothing to hold on to mini dump truck but the side of the dump bed. And oh! It’s worth mentioning that Young Clever guide had dived twice on the dump bed because its really hard sometimes to balance when your hiding from the branches trying to slap your face on a bumpy rough road, and she managed to handle it gracefully – like a pro – like nothing had happened.. LoL..

(Still managed to pose even if its really hard to balance)Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

(The other group far behind on a rough road)

(Soaking wet and wild :). Still smiling,  let alone one of these ladies had dived twice already.LOL )Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

We arrived at Hon. Loyola’s place in Barangay Macaas quarter to 1PM, soaked from the rain with a ravenous and voracious tummy! Lunch was ready when we arrived and have the “Boodle Fight” started at 1PM after settling down.

(Arrived at Macaas, Catmon)Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup

BoodleFight(Boodle fight has commenced! Let’s Dig in!)

The Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup Drive:

All of the 40 volunteers from the Trek and cave exploration had joined the Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup drive. The number had gotten bigger when around 50 4P’s ( Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program) volunteers of Brgy Macaas, few more from Accenture and other individual volunteers had joined the cause.

The Clean up kicked off with a short briefing on waste collection and segregation at 2PM. The group was divided into 2, the NCR Trekkers group and the Accenture Outdoor Enthusiast group. To lead each group, the 4Ps volunteers were divided into 2 also. NCR Trekkers were assigned to clean the Northeast coast up to Sitio Laplaya, Macaas from Hon Loyola’s place while the other group to the opposite side.

Collecting trashes on the public places esp the coastal area is not that easy though. But the cause is to help clean our mother earth and to inspire and spread awareness to everyone that our trashes will remain trash until we pick it up and dispose it the right way. Cleaning won’t be bothersome if we the citizens are disciplined and responsible enough to our mess even in a very simple way. Like not throwing candy wrappers anywhere after eating it. Keep it in the absence of trash cans and have it properly dispose when you can find one. Imagine if 1 million people of the country consumes an average  of 1 candy everyday and just throw it anywhere, in a year that was hell of a trash, let alone the cigarette buts, bottles, etc that are improperly disposed.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as they say, so let’s be empowered within ourselves, make an example and inspire everyone else! Let’s continue the cause and be more responsible within ourselves even if others will not, be more disciplined  even if others are not! Together we can make a difference, we can make this world a better place to live like the way it should be.

The Cleanup Drive on the National Clean Up Day wrapped up at 4:50PM with buko and a group picture at 5PM for all participants of the activity. Let’s do It Philippines, Let’s do it next time, and I am proud that I am one of the 5 million! #LetsDoItPh #iAm5Million


For videos of the event. You can visit here:

Liz Burra’s Video

Louie Plaza’s video

Activity Pictures Below:

Orientation(Quick Orientation on waste Collection process and segregation)

IMG_6589 (1)(Trash collection has started. Let’s do It Ph!)

InAction(Everyone’s into it)

InAction2(More dose of trashes)

IMG_6757 (1)(Pause for a pose)

IMG_6800 (1)(Another pause for a pose)

IMG_6864 (1)(Trashes were in!)

Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup(And more collected trashes!)

BukoBreak(Buko break)

IMG_6894 (1)(Accenture Outdoor Enthusiasts. NCR Trekkers were so burned out and opt not to have exclusive group picture)

IMG_6882 (1)(Group picture of all participants)

After the Mount Kapayas Coastal Cleanup Activity:

IMG_6609 (1)(After the clean up. Can you spot the difference? I hope so.)

IMG_6919 (1)(The picturesque coast is too pristine to taint again.)

IMG_6962 (1)(Waiting for our ride going back home!)

Till next time. Stay tuned for more adventure stories and thanks for dropping by.

Modified Itinerary (Based on actual time):

Day 1 19-Sep-15
4:00AM Meetup at the Capitol Governor’s entrance
5:30AM ETD from Cebu Provincial Capitol
7:10AM ETA Catmon police station (Registration)
9:30AM ETA at Agsuwao Jump-off
9:45AM Start Trek from Sitio Can-Ampao, Agsuwao, Catmon to Base camp
11:00AM ETA Basketball court at Brgy. Cambangkaya ( jump-off for other trekkers who opt t o ride Habal2x)
12:00NN ETA sitio Lumanoy brgy. Cambangkaya (basecamp)
12:00NN Lunch near basecamp
1:30PM Cave exploration
4:00PM Back to basecamp (Last group)
5:00PM Prepare dinner
6:30PM Dinner
8:00PM Socials
10:00PM Lights off
Day 2 20-Sep-15
3:00AM Wake up call; prepare breakfast
4:00AM Breakfast
5:30AM ETD – Assault to Torre
7:20AM ETA – Torre Peak
9:00AM Back to basecamp; break camp
10:00AM Descend to Bgry. Cambangkaya
11:45AM ETA Brgy. Cambangkaya (waiting area for our rides)
12:30PM ETA Catmon police station (logout)
12:45PM ETA Brgy Macaas, Catmon
01:00PM Boddle Fight lunch at Brgy. Macaas (Hon. Loyola’s Carenderia)
2:00PM Coastal cleanup
5:00PM ETD – Back to Cebu City
8:00PM ETA – Cebu City (due to traffic and connecting trips)

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