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OsKaTrav One More Time: NCR Trekkers escapade of the month

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(March 19 – 20, 2016)

Mount Labalasan is the less famous name of the highest mountain in Cebu Province, situated in Mantalongon Mountain Range, Dalaguete. The peak of Mount Labalasan is widely known as Osmeña Peak.

NCR Trekkers had visited the place last October 16-17, 2015. This time, the club decided to visit again the highest point in whole  of Cebu island with the astonishing view on top,  bringing along trekkers who haven’t been there yet and those who can’t get enough of the Osmeña Peak experience.

33 participants took the challenge of having another dose of Osmeña Peak plus Kawasan Falls on March 19 – 20, 2016. Six of the participants were day trekkers, leaving 27 as overnight campers. Meetup place is still the same, at Osaka Terminal at 7AM. The team boarded the 8AM minibus trip but since it was full already, it departed early at 7:45AM. The team had lunch at Mantalongon Public Market and commenced the trek at 1PM.

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After 2 hours, The team arrived at the peak. Its a bit early, that everybody got the chance to wander around and enjoyed the majestic beauty of the place, crack jokes, laugh with each other. The day trekkers went ahead before 4PM to catch a ride back to Cebu City while the rest of the group setup camp and prepared ahead for dinner.

Trail Pictures Here:

Photo Ops before the day trekkers went home.

Food, Socials, games, etc.

The group had an early dinner and went on for socials 30 minutes after. Others opted to stay inside the tent and skipped the games after the Getting to Know Session, as it was a bit cold already but eventually, when everyone seemed very hyped about t he game, everyone went out and joined the fun. The group played werewolf (Sanberth’s version) until 12MN.

Traverse to Kawasan Falls:

Wake up call was at 5AM, but most of the participants were already awake before 5AM and started preparing the food ahead. After having breakfast and break camp, the group had a short stretching routine and a prayer followed bu last set of Photo Ops on the camp site before leaving.

The Sun was so unforgiving again. The team trekked for around 5 hours going to Kawasan Falls, arrived at the third level falls of Kawasan past 2PM. Everyone seemed not interested for a dip at first (they’re afraid they might caught some colds due to a very hot trek) but after few minutes, most of us were already refreshing in the cold waters of Kawasan Falls enjoying every moment of it.

Wash up at around 5PM, started the trek down to highway and wait for our ride back to the City. Not injuries were reported. Thanks God!

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