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Coal Mountain Resort: Argao’s Secret Haven

Coal Mountain Resort

Argao is one of the best places in the Southestern part of Cebu that is rich in culture and heritage not to mention the natural wonders that the place can offer to tourists and locals as well. From beaches, waterfalls, caves, nature park, church and other infrastructures and of course the famous and delectable Torta and Tablea with its thirst quenching Bahalina.

With that said, who would have thought that in the uplands of Argao, about 23 kilometers away from the town proper, there lies a nature resort that can be a safe haven to anyone who seeks refuge from the chaotic and busy city life and the usual overcrowded resorts near the metro? The resort is an  eco-tourism facility in the highlands of Argao – the Coal Mountain Resort.

Coal Mountain Resort

Coal Mountain Resort is owned by the Caminero’s that used to be a carabao grazing place, that was transformed into a relaxing nature resort. That’s the reason why, there are huge carabao sculptures near the pools as a reminder of the resort’s humble past. Dr Stanley Caminero, Argaos’ current Mayor is the owner of Coal Mountain Resort.

Coal Mountain Resort really is a secret haven, a hidden Jewel in the highlands of Linut-od, Argao, Cebu. It was built in the slope wherein the amenities are not readily visible upon entering the vicinity of the resort. You need to walk around the resort to find the other amenities and even you need to go downstairs in the hill side for the zip line, canopy walk, demo tunnel and the 3rd swimming pool that is located in the midst of the forested portion of the resort. On top of the resort, all you can see is the green mountains and some of which are part of the Dalaguete mountain range. Quiet relaxing isn’t it? The place is called Coal Mountain Resort because underneath it, there are still a network of tunnels that exists that once used by the locals in coal mining few decades ago.

Coal Mountain Resort is secluded place that will really fit to those who seek tranquility, peace of mind and wanted to stay away from the crowded tourist spots. Listed below are few reasons why you should check out Coal Mountain Resort on your next escapade.

  1. Customer Service / Reception at Coal Mountain Resort

It is really commendable that even though the staff were a little bit shy, but they were really hospitable and friendly. They were more than willing to assist their guests in every way possible.

Hospitality at its finest. You will feel like you are at home. Just talk to them to break the ice. A little conversation won’t hurt.

  1. Coal Mountain Resort Canopy Walk / Hanging Bridge

Coal Mountain ResortCanopy walk is free of charge as this is used to access the 3rd swimming pool that is 16ft deep located on the adjacent mountain side. The canopy is a walkway made of bamboo slits built along the treetops supported with large cables and a railing with sturdy nets. This could be an interesting activity to try on. Worry not if you’re afraid of heights just don’t look down, you won’t fall though.

  1. Coal Mine Demo Tunnel

The demo tunnel is said to be around 70 feet below underground and around 475 feet in total length as per the brochure info. Guests have an option to visit the tunnel and experience what it feels like to be a miner. The entrance of the tunnel is on the hillside near the canopy walk and have an exit point right on top of the resort. Be warned that inside the tunnel is damp and guests are advised to wear boots and helmet, needless to say headlamps.IMG_5800.JPG

  1. Coal Mountain Resort Zip line and Cable Car

Zip line at Coal Mountain Resort is about 220 meters in length. It can be an alternative and fastest way in accessing the 3rd swimming pool aside from the canopy walk access. Make arrangements with the staff when you’re going to avail the zip line / Cable Car as the operator is on request basis.

  1. Spring water – fed pools

The resort offers 3 swimming pools, 4ft with slide for the kids and kids at heart, 7ft for adults and 16ft for those who wanted to challenge themselves and wanted to dive in. The pools will not close, guests can swim all day and night long except for the 3rd pool.

Coal Mountain ResortCoal Mountain ResortCoal Mountain Resort

  1. Coal Mountain Resort Resto Bar

They have resto bar with a karaoke machine. They have beverages and water sold in the bar that we could say that it’s not really overpriced. Also you can sing your heart out in their karaoke machine (5 pesos for 2 songs).

  1. Coal Mountain Resort Function Hall

The resort has function hall for conferences, training and food preparations etc.

  1. Multi-purpose covered court

They have multi-purpose covered court in which we stayed overnight using our tents. Special thanks to Mayor Stanley for allowing us to camp in the resort. You can have some event held there as they have sound and light system. You can have your next team building activity or party here.

  1. Accommodations of Coal Mountain Resort

Coal Mountain ResortAccommodations at Coal Mountain Resort come in three kinds, rooms, nipa hut or the five-star hotel (tent).  For the rooms, the largest room is good for 6 pax for only 1,500 pesos a night. The resort can accommodate around 50 guests.

  1. Coal Mountain Resort has Mini Zoo

IMG_5759.JPGOn the other side of the resort is the small zoo. It has snakes, rabbits, lizards, birds, etc. After swimming or doing other activities you can try to visit the Mini Zoo just on the slope below the pools.

  1. Food and Beverages

Guest can bring their own food or bring ingredients and cook their own meals in the resort. The resort has no corkage fee for food only. Guests can have their food cooked in the resorts’ Kitchen and are free to use their cooking utensils, plates, and washing area. If you are not planning to bring your food and decide to order in the resort, just inform the staff ahead so that they will have time to buy the ingredients for your orders as the resort is far from the supermarket or any convenience stores. You can ask the resort if you want to try the native chicken and they will cook it for you. One thing commendable also was that, we don’t pay anything for the gas that we used in cooking as most resorts do.

@foureyedlaagan caught on camera 🙂

Despite the distance, Coal mountain resort is worth a visit. I’ll definitely come back! How about you?

For Inquiries/ Reservations and other arrangements, contact (032) 514-8577.

Coal Mountain Resort Entrance Fee: Php 20 / pax

1st and 2nd Pool use :  Pph 50/pax
3rd Pool use :   Php 50 / pax
Cable Car ride : Php 100 / pax
Zip Line : Php 120/pax
Coal Mine Tunnel: (Php 30 – 80 / pax)
Canopy Walk : Free
Function Hall (Conference + Dining Hall maximum 40-50 persons): Pph 1,000 unli use for 1 day
Multi-purpose covered court:  Php 1,500

Coal Mountain Resort Accommodation Rates:

Rooms Good for:
6pax with local signal TV & CR – Php 1,500
4pax with cable TV & CR – Php 1,500
4pax no TV with CR – Php 1,200
Nipa House 4pax with local signal TV $ no CR – Php 1,000


Food: No Corkage
Soft drinks:  20/bottle
Alcoholic drinks:  30/bottle

Coal Mountain Resort Transport service (Van)

25-30pax with aircon
Cebu-resort: Php 9,500
Argao-resort: Php 4,000

10-12pax with aircon
Cebu-resort – Php 7,500
Argao-resort – Php 3000

10-12pax non-aircon
Cebu- resort – Php 5,500
Argao-resort – Php 2,500


What do you think about the facilities of Coal Mountain Resort? Did the list convince you to pay a visit on this secluded mountain resort? Leave your thoughts in the comment box. See you!

29 thoughts on “Coal Mountain Resort: Argao’s Secret Haven

    1. Hi janee… I am not really sure of that… you can contact the resort directly for that matter for your inquiry…I included a contact number on my blog. There are no space designated for camping but I think you can negotiate depending on how many tents you are going to pitch in there. In our our case, the good mayor allowed us to camp in the resort as we were part of the world cleanup team!

  1. aahh we are from argao too. i heard of this place but never been there.. shame.tsk tsk.. ds s a beautiful place.. how to get there if we will not rent a van?

  2. Wow, so happy you wrote this! I read up about this resort before because I was interested of going but I didn’t find enough info. Will definitely put this on my list. In fairness sa 16ft na pool.. and also the very affordable rates. Nice!

    1. You’re welcome :D… glad to help those who need info about this resort… Not the same as the high class resorts though but surely, nature lovers will love it! like we do… 😀

  3. Hi can i have the resorts cellphone number? I can’t access the given contact. Thanks, do we need to book first or is it okay walk in?

    1. Hello, unfortunately they dont have restaurant but you can request the staff to cook for you… if thats the case better call the resort ahead if they can accomodate your request as the resort is very far from the market…

  4. Thank you for all the information posted. 🙂 it would be of great help!

    Infairness, naliki kos 16ft nga pool. Hahaha

  5. How can we get there? The roads leading to the resort is okay? We can have our personal car bring us there…any cell numbers? Or there’s a cell signal on the area?

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