Why Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 is a perfect outdoor gadget protection?

Why Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 is a perfect outdoor gadget protection?

Why Capdase Armor Suit Combo?

Staying outdoors and on the continuous pursuit of adrenaline pumping activities are few common routines for adrenaline junkies like me. We tend to have that spontaneous trip most of our adventures for the reason that the adrenaline rush on packing up the things needed and rushing to the bus station or port to catch the last trip add more fun and excitement. Isn’t it?

More often than not, there could be some confusion and disorientation that comes with spontaneous travelling when you are not used to it. One, we are not always as focused on what are these personal possessions that we brought especially when in a hurry in the transport queue. The rush that means we’re more focused on actually getting to our destination as opposed to keeping our things safe.

As we all know, technology has become smaller and lighter nowadays, basically it’s become easier to carry and travel with, so more and more of us are taking away our smartphones, tablets, cameras so that we’re not without our digital home comforts whilst we’re away.

As a traveler and mountain hiker, I always bring with me my smartphone and camera. So, having established that our favorite outdoor gadgets are exposed to increased risk when travelling, what should we do? Leaving them at home is sometimes an option, but for others who are reluctant to enter a digital detox, you can take out specialized gadget protection against the unthinkable.

I usually bring my iPhone during my adventures and it really needs investing in accessories like shock-proof case just to protect against it being dropped. I always make sure that it fit snugly and securely into the protective case.

The Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 with the Rider Jacket and Newton Cover Experience

During our last Bantayan Island escapade, I got to try this new protective iPhone case from Capdase. It is the Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 with the Rider Jacket and Newton Cover. I used the Rider jacket all throughout our trip going to the Island and also during our whole day biking activity visiting the beautiful spots in Bantayan Island.

On the course of our muscle straining activity, I had my phone in my pocket most of the time. The case is really durable and really not easily breakable. A nearly military grade protective case. My friends use the same protective casing too and they really tried to let the phone with the Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 ran by a bicycle.

That was one of the moments when it seemed my heart stops beating for few seconds. Intentionally doing that was insane. After that test, my friend checked the phone and the case. Thanks goodness, there were no damages on the phone. On the case, it was not broken. Only minor scratches on the edges.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo
I must say that the Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 with the Rider Jacket and Newton Cover can really deliver as expected. It is a shockproof case with utmost slim and smart design Rider Suit that is composed of a thermoplastic polyurethane case. It really has a military grade protection standard of shock absorbance.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo

So here is the list of reasons why Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 is a perfect outdoor gadget protection:

1. Shockproof, tough and durable.

The Capdase Armor Suit Combo case handles well in terms of impact resistance. The skid padded corners enhance the internal shock dispersion reducing impact to the device.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo

2. Slim and lightweight

Despite being thin, Capdase Armor Suit Combo case is made from a strong material, accurately molded to achieve both maximum protection and slimness.

3. Easy installation

The cover can be easily attached or detached from the case providing structural rigidity.

4. Accessories Compatible

Worry not if your phone has tempered glass screen protector as the Capdase Armor Suit Combo case can fit precisely on the boarders of the screen protector.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo

5. Newton Cover

The additional skin provides an anti-gravity surface with tiny suction material. It can be stick on most of the flat surface such as windows, mirrors, metal, cabinet and more.

Capdase Armor Suit Combo

As a traveler and outdoor enthusiast, we should invest on protecting our gadgets. This is to avoid the unthinkable as accident do happen even when we are cautious. Prevention is a lot better than cure. There’s no harm in trying out the promising Capdase Armor Suit Combo case for iPhone 7.

How about you? What protective care have you done to your gadgets while travelling? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “Why Capdase Armor Suit Combo for iPhone 7 is a perfect outdoor gadget protection?

  1. Bought a Capdase case once for my BlackBerry Z10. Bahalag mahal ang price, but worth it ra kaayo sa protection na iyang giprovide sa phone. With this new iPhone case, pretty sure it’ll provide the same protection, if not more, than all the other case brands out there. My question lang is, how does this case fare for those phones with full 3D tempered glass? Most case sellers would say man gud na maka-guba daw ug tempered glass ang mga cases with hard shell components.

  2. When I got my new iPhone way wayyyy back years ago, I was really considering Capdase to be my phone case pero when I look at the price, teneneng it’s so out of my budget…kay barato ra kaayo! HAHAHAHA joke. Mahala btaw 🙁 pero I think their products provide man jud protection and it’ll be worth the purchase!

  3. Great site you have here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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