Trick Eye Museum (RWS): Where Seeing is not really Believing!

Trick Eye Museum (RWS): Where Seeing is not really Believing!

Trick Eye Museum has just opened sometime in June last year (2014) in RWS. Trick Eye is a shorten term for “Trick the Eye” which is derived from a French term trompe l’oeil meaning ‘deceive the eye’.

It is an art illusion technique that uses realistic imagery with precise dimensions and optical illusion to make 2-D images look realistically 3-D. I am really a fan of the optical illusions and I will always be amazed on how this form of art deceives the eyes and mind everytime!

As previously mentioned on my other post, I am now going to share my Trick Eye Museum experience. After visiting the S.E.A Aquarium, we immediately went to Trick Eye Museum and let our eyes be deceived by the optical illusions we were yet to find inside. The trick eye museum has many visitors too and they limit the number of visitors inside, else it will be congested and you will not enjoy the experience of every imagery inside and will be hard to take photos too. So we waited on a not so long queue until the museum personnel will let us in.

After few minutes of waiting, finally we went inside the museum. Inside the museum is not only full of imagery but there are some sculptures too. The one that is very noticeable is a sculpture of a giant baby holding a cage.

IMG_4791Do I look tiny in this photo?

At first I was like, how could I take a realistic pictures with these? I really don’t have any clue how to with everybody in the museum moving around and taking their pictures. But the good thing is that I noticed a marking on the floor that suggests the best angle point to take the photo. It was a brilliant idea though to put those signs.

While inside the museum, you cannot see any signs like “Don’t touch” or “flash off”. You have the freedom to let the artistic imaginations kick in to come up with a more funny yet interesting and realistic looking photos.You can touch anything and have the camera flash ON while taking pictures. But be mindful for some illusions that have reflective background, coz for sure the reflected lights will ruin your pictures.

There are a lot of illusion tricks inside that will surely deceive the eye. It’s really hard to put some words to it that is why I’m going to just show you some of it here.

Β IMG_4786I bet I’m not that good at dancing hehe.

IMG_4788Haha, that pink umbrella!

IMG_4795I didn’t realized at first how to pose to make it look like I’m sitting, haha.

IMG_4804Can’t think of any pose but to pose upside down πŸ™‚

IMG_4809Would you like to stand over on Dolphin’s rostrum (beak)?

IMG_4815I can’t get it right the first time. Hehe

IMG_4817Let the race begin!

IMG_4819Ballet dancer on the move!

IMG_4828Couple inside!

IMG_4844Let’s flyΒ  and bike or bike then fly?

IMG_4848Biking while flying.

IMG_4854Let’s light that match stick lil’ girl.

IMG_4858Cinderella and Prince Charming πŸ™‚

IMG_4864The lava looks too hot! Isn’t it?

IMG_4865Motor biking on the forest!

IMG_4870Fire that cannon boy!

IMG_4898“Don’t fart at me! Don’t fart at me!”

IMG_4900Let’s fly together mate!

IMG_4901Please help! Okay but I will take picture of you first for documentation! πŸ™‚

IMG_4911It really feels relaxing to ride on this trunk πŸ™‚

IMG_4917Scary right?

IMG_4921Where’s your head?

IMG_4931Nooooo! Don’t cover meee!


IMG_4948Surprise! Hahaha

That’s it! That was really a fun experience for me too. It was around 7PM when we went out of the museum and I had my picture taken in front of the Universal Studio but we’re not going inside. Maybe next time when I had ample time to spend for the rides. Instead we had decided to go to Marina Sands Bay Area after dinner which will be on my next post. See you !

But before that, here are few more snapshots that we had in RWS.

IMG_4954Sea Food Republic,Β  right outside the Trick Eye Museum.





Trick Eye Museum tickets can be purchased alone or bundled with other attractions (Marine Life Park). We availed it as bundled one with the S.E.A Aquarium.


For Ticket Prices, just visit the RWS (Resorts World Sentosa) official site.

How to Get There:

Trick Eye Museum is located beside the RWS Malaysian Food Street. Its entrance is facing the Sentosa Boardwalk.

Here is the map from

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