12 Reasons Why Tourists Love Tokyo


Tokyo has been the most expensive city to live in the world last 2013 and the title was snatched by Singapore the following year and now Tokyo is ranked 5th. Despite the high cost of living in Tokyo, Tourists still love to visit the place.

For me as a tourist in Japan, the following are the reasons why tourist has fallen in love with Tokyo.

  1. Shopping Centers

The most go-to place when talking about shopping centers is the GINZA district.  It is the home of the most sophisticated department stores and boutiques. There’s nothing that can beat the traditional stylishness of Mitsukoshi line of department stores like the Mitsukoshi -Isetan. For more contemporary feel, there are stores like Chanel, Dior and Cartier too. You can also visit the known Takashimaya department store in the time square.

  1. Gardens and Parks

Tokyo is also packed with the wonderful selection of parks and gardens within the vicinity. You can stroll these picture-perfect gardens whenever you like. Top pics would be the Rikugien garden, Hamarikyu, Koishikawa Korakuen, Kiyosumi, Kyu Shiba Rikyu and Tonogayato. I might make a separate post for these gardens soon.



  1. Crafted Beers

Talking about alcoholic beverages in Japan, we could say that sake is one if not their best. Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. Despite sake can be considered as their best cocktail later on crafted beers has taken off in the scene. There are about more than 50 Japanese craft brews to date.

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  1. Cutting-Edge Gadgets

Japan offers a wide array of sections in terms of gadgets. Akiba is known as the gadget haven. Akiba is located in the Akihabara district. This place is well-known for two things: electronic stores offering the latest tech and gadgets. Akiba is well-known also for their manga and anime stores. So if you want to test out a new gadget like cameras or phones, or if you need something but can’t put your finger on what it is?  Akiba is the place to be.


  1. Cuisine

Who doesn’t love Japanese food? Maybe it’s just me. LOL. But seriously. The food in Tokyo is fresh and delectable. You can have numerous options when it comes to food. The dedication and precision that the Japanese have were applied in their cooking too. Even the simplest of their dishes is mouthwatering.

For travelers on a budget, there are a lot of shops also that serve affordable meals and dishes like noodles. They also have affordable ramen, udon and yakisoba. Most shopping centers have food courts with a wide variety of food choices too.

But take note, you have to return your own plates and utensils after eating to where you bought it. Simply put, you need to clean your dining table before leaving. What I like on these budget shops are their tonkatsu and katsudon.

You can also buy bento or packed meals on some convenience stores like 7&I (7/11 in the Philippines) or at mini-stops.

  1. Manners

Speaking about manners, Japanese people are known to have the best of it. For a city in Japan like Tokyo, despite the bustled and crowded, you can find out that the people are incredibly considerate.  People are organized in every possible way, like in the jam-packed subway stations.

For train setting, for example, there are cars that are exclusively for women that are not comfortable when mixed with men on crowded days. Everything is clean from the sidewalks to the subways. It’s a common standard in Japan to bring one’s trash at home within your bags or purse or pockets. That is why, even there are hardly any trash bins in the city, you can’t find any litters.

  1. Fast Transit

Tokyo is a busy city. Its public transit is very crowed and straggling most of the time. Metro Tokyo is one of the places that has the busiest subway system but very efficient and are easy to navigate. Trains are air-conditioned too and never late on schedule most of the time. Loud chatters and eating on trains are highly discouraged but dozing, reading are most common past times for the long ride.

If you find the ordinary transit too slow, then there are express trains and you can even catch the bullet train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo to Kyoto in just around 150 minutes or so.

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  1. Temples and Shrines

Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples are a must visit place to experience Japan’s rich religious and ancient milieu. You can meditate and pray on these shrines. You can offer a coin for a wish also. Legends had said that wishes are granted at this shrines.


  1. Cosplays and Toys

Are you an avid cosplayer or have an obsession with Gundam? Japan has a lot to offer on these categories.

Cosplayers often meet to show off their creations and they also have sessions for sharing their ideas, tips, etc. Frequently, they will meet at Harajuku Jingu Bridge every Sunday.

For Gundam lovers, you can visit Yodobashi in Akihabara for Gundam models. There are a lot of stores that sell almost all Gundam models. Visit Diver City Tokyo to take your picture in front of the huge gundam statue.


  1. Museums

Japan has a rich culture heritage. They are really good in preserving their culture that can be found in their museums.  Ueno area in east Tokyo has several museums like the Tokyo National Museum that displays the collection of Japanese arts and artifacts. More modern Museum can be found in Roppongi that showcased their top of the line contemporary arts both local and overseas.

Reasons Why tourists love tokyo

  1. Night Life

Nightlife in Tokyo is really insane. There are some dance clubs, competitive karaoke lounges, upscale clubs not to mentions there are a lot of strip clubs. Yes, Japan has a lot of that. 😀


  1. High-tech Toilets

Toilets in Japan is terrible! Yes, it is terribly awesome! You can call it a masterpiece. Although they say that the origin of these High-tech toilets is from US and Switzerland that are used in hospitals but Japan made it their own.

Their toilets have a lot of buttons and pictures. You can control the temperature of the toilet seat. You can also control the pressure of the bidet’s water jet.


Are these reasons made you fall in love with Tokyo? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

24 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why Tourists Love Tokyo

  1. Grabe it will probably take me time to use a toilet just to try all the button functions hahaha. You have really observed so many things in Japan which is cool. I will most likely love the theme parks, shopping places, bullet train, food, and sakura when I find time (and budget) to visit Japan. Hehe. Such a wonderful country filled with so much culture.

  2. The reasons you have provided is enough to convince me to travel to Tokyo. I was actually expecting Onsen to be on the first list. You know what’s funny? When I think about Japan now,. What marked on my head is Onsen. Your previous blog about Onsen has been remarkably fresh in my memory. Hahahaha

  3. I’m not sure which place to go first if I’d be in Tokyo. Hmmm…I hate crowded places and stress so I think spending a day in one of their gardens and parks will be big for us. And we can go ramen tripping, too. I am not a huge fan of foreign food but I do love their katsudon. 😀

  4. Huhu OMG Tokyo, di kita ma reach. But with enough tigom, I know someday! Japan has always been mga dream destination. Now I have more reasons to visit the country especially Tokyo. I totally agree with the gadgets and high technologies they have, their manners, and most especially their cuisine!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  5. As if I needed more reasons to wanna go visit the country, much less its capital! Hahaha. But yeah, it really is a great country that I vow myself to visit someday and document every bit of. Can’t wait to enjoy the things you listed first-hand soon!

  6. These reasons made me wanna go to Tokyo! And those photos are brilliant! I have to make an early trip plan for Japan, and Tokyo should be on top of my list. *grim*

  7. I watched a video yesterday about how americans treat their public spaces vs. japanese. Americans are so disgusted with the public rest rooms and you can get different diseases while using them that they don’t prefer using it. Japanese, on the other hand, has so much respect with regards to their public spaces that makes their public rest rooms clean and comfortable to use. Gave me so much respect to the Japanese culture gyud.

  8. magnificent put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You must proceed your writing. I am sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

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