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Alegria’s wonderful Cambais Falls can make you bathe

Cambais Falls

It was during our Mega Trek event that we got to visit some of Alegria’s tourist destination. Few of which were Silay Cave, Cambusay Cave and of course the nearby Cambais Falls.

Cambais Falls

The mega trek is a three-day trek hosted by NCR Trekkers Club, with the starting point at Mount Kandungaw then traverse to Alegria. The exit point will be at Mount Lanaya. It was really a tiring activity, staying in the mountains for 3 days. We were not even sure who will be trekking until the finish line. We gave options to the trekkers also to go home on the second day.

Cambais Falls

On the second day of our mega trek, we headed to the Silay and Cambusay caves then to Cambais falls in Alegria. Unfortunately, Cambusay Cave was closed at that time. So we headed directly to Cambais falls and spend few hours.

Cambais Falls

Due to exhaustion from the treks, we spent most of our time in the falls resting, eating our lunch and just enjoying the vista around. We then took some pictures and later on have a quick dip in the cold waters on Cambais. The water was not that cold, it was just enough to cool down our tired bodies.

Cambais Falls

Cambais falls is a wonderful creation that was like made for trekkers and adventurers like us. The vista is so refreshing and the waterfall is too enticing that you could not resist but to take even a short dip.

Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls

Around 3 PM, we then decided to proceed to our next destination which is to the jump off point to Mount Lanaya in Lumpan while the rest of the team decided to go home. We arrived at Lumpan Jump off at around 6 PM. And then proceeded with our night trek to the camp site.

Cambais Falls

Few minutes of swimming and photo ops, we decided to proceed to Mount Lanaya while the others went home already. Only 14 trekkers braved to continue the challenge to trek for another day despite the exhaustion. We even called it as the death trek.

Cambais falls is a bit small and would be easily got overcrowded. Cambais falls has few huts in the area but it seems few of them need fixing. There are comfort rooms and dressing rooms also but of course, you still need to line up if there are a lot of visitors. So it is recommended to bring your own towels or malong, just in case you’re in a hurry of changing into dry clothes.

Have you been to Cambais falls? How was your experience? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

How to get to Cambais Falls?

Going to Alegria is relatively an easy one.

From Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT), take a bus bound to Alegria or with the sign Bato via Barili. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the Municipal Hall. If you don’t know the place yet, proceed to Alegria Tourism Office to ask for assistance. Mode of transportation to the jump off is by habal2x. Don’t worry, most habal2x drivers know the place.


  1. Waterproof your things/valuables. Better use a dry bag if you have one.
  2. Be prepared for the fiery heat of the sun as the trail going to the falls is an open parched field during summer.
  3. Pack light but don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen protection, waterproofing bags for gadgets, swimming attire, slippers or sandals.
  4. If you are not a swimmer and wants to enjoy the falls, better bring your own life vest.
  5. Don’t forget to bring extra food or snacks just in case.
  6. Always take extra precautions when going down to waterfalls as the trail can be a loose soil, slippery or mossy, rocky and might involve steep descent.
  7. If you are not sure how deep is the pool below, do not attempt to dive immediately. Know how deep it is first.
  8. Take nothing but pictures.
  9. Leave nothing but footprints. Do not leave your trash behind.
  10. To maximize the places in your list if you have multiple destinations, be mindful of the time spent in each spot as they can be far from each other. Taking travel time into consideration would be of great help in your fun-filled adventure.

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  1. I was able to visit Cambais Falls last time during my visit to Salay Cave in Alegria. I just drop by after exploring the Salay Cave. I wasn’t able to stay long though, and would love to go back here again before long. The Cambais Falls and Salay Cave were part of my first written article and was published in my website.

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