Cebu Waterfalls : Samboan’s unspoiled Kandayvic Falls

Cebu Waterfalls : Samboan’s unspoiled Kandayvic Falls

Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to – TLC

Should we stop chasing waterfalls? I bet not, and never will!

Well, maybe…. But not soon enough. 🙂

After our challenging and memorable experience from the Mount Hambubuyog camping under the harsh and antagonistic weather, we headed to the less known waterfall in the municipality of Samboan.

The waterfall is called Kandayvic. Kandayvic was coined from the name “ Kan inday Vic”. The place is said to be named after the wife of former mayor of the town. There are many variations of the spelling. Some spelled it as Candayvic, but the most common spelling used is “Kandayvic”.

We hired the habal2x going to barangay Canorong and alight at the jump off. From the jump off, the falls can be reached by walking/trekking through an open corn field. Be careful as during summer, this field can be really parched. It is advisable then to bring protection from the fiery and scorching heat of the sun. Unless you are aiming for a charcoal skin. HAHA 😛

The trail going to the falls is a narrow path of loose soil. You need to be extra cautious on your steps as one wrong footing and you’ll find yourself tumbling down below.

On the remaining part of the trail is a shady part. It was under some bushes and trees as the path leads down below the valley. The path going down can be a challenging one, especially on rainy days. The path could be very slippery. Slippery when wet mga bes!

Upon going down to the waterfall, you will pass through a bit steep descent. But fret not as the trail/path was aided with bamboo railings. But still be extra cautious!

Kandayvic Falls

Few more minutes of walking down the aisle, este walking on a steep path, Kandayvic falls welcomed us with open arms. Kandayvic falls is one of the waterfalls in Samboan that is less frequented by tourists as the waterfall was not quiet known to most tourists yet. At the time of our visit, there were only a few visitors of the place.

Kandayvic Falls

Basically, the waterfall encompasses tiers of small waterfalls. Below these tiers is an elongated lagoon. A pool of turquoise waters in between rocks. Anyone can jump and swim in the said lagoon.

Kandayvic Falls

The waters that supplied Kandayvic was the same as the one flowing to Dao Falls. They belong to the same river system. In fact, Kandayvic was just right above Dao falls.

Kandayvic Falls

Above the basin/lagoon, was small tiers of waterfalls that were streamed into one infinity pool of bliss below it. From it, the last spillway flowed, as smooth and fluvial as silver dew. It spilled over the gravelly bed with the honeyed sensuality of a lover’s kiss.

Kandayvic Falls

I was not convinced to take a dip or jump on the swimming lagoon. Well, I am no swimmer, so diving into the deep swimming lagoon is not my thing. My companions were busy swimming below and diving. Me? Just took a lot of snaps and had a quick river trek on the small tiers of waterfalls above.

My companions kept asking me to join the fun, but I was not into the mood of joining them. Maybe, due to due to exhaustion or kandingon ra gyud ko bes! 🙂

Kandayvic Falls

The sound of the waters as it flows on the rocks was chiming. As the waters gently slid, gracefully and slinky past my feet. The chinking, tinkling sound was caused by its indolent slickness echoing from the rock. It looked like the sleek robe of a water witch as its glassy brilliance sounded and plinked. Its edges were seamed in silver and sparkled in the aureate light. Bottomline, Kandayvic is a great potential tourist spot and for canyoneering.

Kandayvic Falls

Few minutes of swimming (excluding me) and snaps taking, we decided to proceed to Dao Falls. The trek to Dao falls, took us around 30 minutes.

Kandayvic falls is a bit small and would be easily got overcrowded. But given that it is not very known to most tourists, it is safe to say that the place can be a better place for chillaxing. It is a place where you can connect with mother nature. A place where you can be alone with nature! But Kandayvic falls has no huts or cottages or any stores nearby. So it is recommended to bring extra provisions, etc, should you decide to stay a bit longer.

Have you been to Kandayvic falls? What can you say about the place? Would you agree that this place will be developed further for a better tourism? Or should the LGU keep it that way to at least preserve the pristine condition of the falls? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

How to get to Kandayvic Falls?

Going to Samboan is relatively an easy one.

From Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT), take a bus bound to Samboan or with the sign Bato via Barili. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the Municipal Hall. If you don’t know the place yet, proceed to Samboan Tourism Office to ask for assistance. Mode of transportation to the jump off is by habal2x.


  1. Waterproof your things/valuables. Better use a dry bag if you have one.
  2. Be prepared for the fiery heat of the sun as the trail going to the falls is an open parched field during summer.
  3. Pack light but don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen protection, waterproof bags for gadgets, swimming attire, slippers or sandals.
  4. If you are not a swimmer and wants to enjoy the falls, better bring your own life vest.
  5. Don’t forget to bring extra food or snacks just in case.
  6. Always take extra precautions when going down to waterfalls as the trail can be a loose soil, slippery or mossy, rocky and might involve steep descent.
  7. If you are not sure how deep is the pool below the falls, do not attempt to dive immediately. Know how deep it is first.
  8. Take nothing but pictures.
  9. Leave nothing but footprints. Do not leave your trash behind.
  10. To maximize the places in your list if you have multiple destinations, be mindful of the time spent in each spot as they can be far from each other. Taking travel time into consideration would be of great help in your fun-filled adventure.


10 thoughts on “Cebu Waterfalls : Samboan’s unspoiled Kandayvic Falls

  1. Cebu never fails to amaze me. I really have no idea this place existed. Until now. If the LGU is to improve the place to boost tourism, and as long as nothing is harmed in trying to achieve such enhancement, then Im all for it.

  2. Dili ka kandingon, wa pud ka kapoya. Dili lang gyud ka kama-o mu langoy. Short-cut. Period!

    I will not worry. I will have my chance to visit this beauty….
    weeeepeeee.. I’m so ecstatic right now!

    Anyway, was this the time when FourEyedLaagan invited me to go with you?
    And I did not because we only knew each other through social media? (but in reality I got trust issues. LOL. kidding.)

    • Luhh magbuot lagi ka… ? ka mabaw anang sa taas.. di nako feel in short.. kay wa nakoy feelings ana na time… lol

      And, wa sad ko kibawo kinsa iya gi pang invite lain ani na time… actually, invited ra man sad ko ani hahaha

      Enjoy sa inyo weekend getaway! Ug what’s new about your trust issues? You always have.. i know… hahaha ✌️✌️✌️

  3. Been here last year and we were bringing our toddler that time! Challenge kau ang pagkarga especially on the trail na palugsong and loose kau ang soil. Hihi. When I saw the falls, nagduhaduha kog langoy kai lagi lawm ang lagoon. Fortunately nai part na mabaw diay so that maenjoy pd tawn sa among chikiting hihi. We have “black froggy fishes” as companions, too. XD

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