Revisiting Baguio City: Tam-awan Village – a Garden in the Sky

Revisiting Baguio City: Tam-awan Village – a Garden in the Sky

IMG_1907 (1)(Day 4, March 16, 2015)

After saying our wishes and prayers at Lourdes Grotto, our next stop is the Tam-awan Village.

The Tam-Awan Village can be found in the northwestern part of the city, specifically at Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines. It is one of the man-made park in Baguio City that is a replica of the ancient Cordillera Village with miniature huts crafted resembling the design of the traditional Cordillera houses/huts. The purpose behind the construction of the park is to let the people see the different houses in cordillera without getting into the interior of the region.

Tam-awan Village has Ifugao huts and Kalinga houses built using the original materials and without nails and hardware which exemplifies the exactness of the traditional Cordillera construction.

There are a number of native huts within the village which will allow you to see how the homes of the mountain people really look like. You do get a chance to climb up the wooden ladder and take a look inside each hut. This will be your best chance to experience what it’s like to be living in one of these huts. These huts were set up in different locations, meaning you need to climb on a moderately steep pathways to visit each of the huts.

IMG_1227 (1)

IMG_1917 (1)(Group picture at Luccong hut. Just below it was a hut with the store inside that serves hot native coffee)

IMG_6112 (1)


IMG_1945 (1)

IMG_1939 (1)

IMG_1947 (1)(Going uphill)

IMG_1952 (1)(The Dream catcher might not be obvious, but it is the one at Michelle’s foreground)

IMG_1958 (1)(Trying to get some sleep near the dream catcher? -Dream catcher at the end of the tires)

From the name of the Park itself which is an indigenous word meaning “vantage point” or “view deck”, uphill of the Tam-awan Village you will be mesmerized by the view of the surrounding places below if you’re lucky when the weather is good. Otherwise the scenic view will not be visible and all that you will see is the thick fog and pine trees around the village.ViewDeck2

CrazyStunts(Doing some crazy stuffs on that pine tree at the view deck)

IMG_6169 (1)(Whoah! Norman beat be with my crazy stunt :))

IMG_6193 (1)

IMG_2013 (1)(Going back down from the view deck)

Below are few more huts along the way going down from the view deck.IMG_2019 (1) IMG_6081 (1) IMG_6087 (1) Kinakin

The village has a main hut which serves as a store also and an information office for visitors. There are a few native handicraft items that are sold that you can buy as souvenir. There are books and publications about the Igorot people, their culture and
traditions that are for sale also. The store serves a hot cup of native coffee which gets to be a welcome treat after completing a tour of the entire village.

Tam-awan village is good alternative for those who seek cultural travel with a bit of adventure indeed. We didn’t notice that it was already late for our lunch. We then ask our guide where is the nearest restaurant he could recommend for our lunch before going to Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. He immediately answered that Marosan’s Viewdeck Cafe is a good option. Marosan’s Cafe it is!

IMG_2029 (1)(The village map) 

How to get there?

By Car –To find the village, proceed to Bokawkan Road which is behind Camp Allen, turn left at Ferguzon Road which leads to the Easter Weaving Room, and then right to Tacay Road which is an uphill climb. Upon reaching the top of the hill, take a right turn and that road will bring you to Tam-awan Village. If you proceed further on, the road will take you to the town of La Trinidad.

By public transport – Ride a jeepney bound for Long-Long – Tacay – Tam-awan and ask the driver to drop you off at Tam-awan Village.

By Hired Cab/van – ask the driver to drop you off to Tam-awan village. You might as well visit Easter Weaving Room first as it is along the way from Baguio.

Have you been to Tam-awan Village? How was your experience?
Leave your comments below.

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