A Sumptuous yet affordable Lunch Treat at Juan Lechonero after a weary Mountain Trek

A Sumptuous yet affordable Lunch Treat at Juan Lechonero after a weary Mountain Trek

(April 5, 2015)

Most of us if not all, loves to eat lechon right? Lechon is a pork dish which mainly came from a Spanish origin. The word lechon originated from a Spanish term lechón – referring to a suckling pig that is roasted. Lechon can be considered as one of the national dish of Philippines with Cebu being acknowledged as having one of the best lechon by American Chef Anthony Bourdain.

With it, there are a lot of variations on how lechon was prepared – one innovative variation is the boneless lechon that is gaining more popularity these days. Boneless Lechon is a slab of pork belly rolled into a seasoned log then slowly roasted in an oven to make a super crisp skin with a delectable moist meat. Boneless Lechon alternative name is Lechon Belly.

After camping at Mount Babag near RCPI Towers, we heeded with the usual exit as most climbers did. That was from RCPI Towers to Mountain View then exit to J.Y Square.It was around lunch time when we arrived at JY square and had decided to take our lunch before going home. The first option is to eat at fastfood chains , so we went directly to the nearest one – @ Mc Donalds – but unfortunately it was closed at that time for maintenance. Me and my companions had decided to have our lunch at Juan Lechonero at Salinas Drive right across USP as it is just a short walk from JY Square.

It’s not my first time to eat there, so I had my favorite order already in mind – the lechon belly meal set. Upon ordering, one of the attendants offer us their new buffet meal (eat all you can). By looking at the price, it really has a value for the money for only Php199. Who doesn’t want an eat all you can lechon for just Php199? If you are going to buy lechon belly for the price of Php199, it is roughly just a quarter of a kilo right?

So all of us have decided to try their buffet meal and I must tell you, I am not really expecting that it would be excellent and delectable compared to the buffet meals offered by prestigious restaurants and food chains but after we have tried it and considering everything – price, dishes (entree variety), and service – I must admit that Juan Lechonero buffet meal is a run for your money!

I always love eating lechon belly but I found myself wanting to eat more of their Pork Caldereta. It really was a delectable one with its tender meat and was seasoned just right for my taste 🙂 I really had a good meal – a meal that has really a good value for money!


Juan Lechonero Lunch and Dinner Buffet Inclusions: (Php199 only)
(Weekends Only)

– Boneless Lechon / Lechon Belly (Spicy)
– Grilled Pork Spare Ribs
– Pork caldereta
– Fried chicken
– Fish fillet
– Rice
– Pancit

– Corn Soup

– pineapple
– watermelon

– Bottomless iced tea



Juan Lechonero is offering the buffet meal on weekends only (Saturdays and Sundays) – at least for now as they say. They will serve Lunch Buffet at 11:00AM – 2:00PM and Dinner Buffet at 5:00PM – 9:00PM.
Just come early or on time as the place may get really crowded at times.

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